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These are filling, sweet, a little fruity and they melt in your mouth. I added some exotic treats to enhance the nutrition factor. I’ve included the antioxidant packed acai powder and the wonderful ashwagandha powder which is said to have adaptogenic properties amongst other things. I added a couple of teaspoons of vanilla rice protein to make them more substantial. If all these goodies are not normally on your shopping list you can leave them out, they will still taste just good, just up your ground almonds a little!

Sweet Coconut Wonders!

  • Two dessertspoons of cashew nut butter- raw if you like
  • One dessertspoon of organic raw coconut oil
  • Three and a half dessertspoons of good quality maple syrup
  • The zest of half a lime
  • A cup of ground almonds
  • Two dessertspoons of desiccated coconut- for in them
  • And Three dessertspoons of desiccated coconut- for rolling them in
  • A little under an eighth of a teaspoon of himalayan pink salt or sea salt
  • Half a teaspoon of vanilla powder or inside of one pod
  • A quarter teaspoon of ashwagandha powder
  • Half a teaspoon of acai powder
  • Two teaspoons of vanilla rice protein

Mash your cashew nut butter, coconut oil and lime zest together make sure they are well combined- no lumpy coconut oil bits! Add in the maple syrup and mix again.

cashew coconut lime

cashew coconut lime

Mix all your dry ingredients- except the three spoons of coconut that you will be rolling them in! Add the dry to the wet, begin by mixing with a spoon. Once it is a bread crumb texture get in there with your hands. Press the mix together until it forms a ball.

dry stuff!

dry stuff!

Get a plate and put your three spoons of desiccated coconut on it. By the teaspoonful roll the mixture into little balls and roll them in the coconut. That is all you have to do. Fast and simple to make!

Coconut sweet making!

Coconut sweet making line!

Hope you like them. Xs Aissa