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Juiciness again! I started off the new year with an “omit the bad increase the good” detox, it all revolved around juicing, raw food, tons of veggies and green super foods, I didn’t take much supplement wise. I felt fantastic… that is after the first few days getting used to the lack of fast release starchy foods. After that I had a ridiculous amount of energy. I am easing my way into another one. I don’t eat much sugar or gluten but is out the window from today, and I won’t leave it back in for a month at least. So this juice is my “Cheers!’ (sound of bell chiming) “the detox begins!’

Little jar is the coconut kefir!

Little jar is the coconut kefir!

The lovely Denise brought me in some of her coconut water kefir today ( I gave her some of mine too, mine had gone a bit on the sour side- hers is nicer!).

  • A little bundle of wheatgrass (index finger to knuckle of thumb – size bundle…)
  • One organic unwaxed green apple
  • Quarter of an organic unwaxed lemon
  • A chunk of organic ginger (size of top little finger- keep in mind I have small fingers 🙂 )
  • The same size chunk of organic turmeric root
  • About 100ml (third of cup) of coconut water kefir to water kefir

I juice my apple, ginger and turmeric first. The reason being I find apples some times get stuck and the wheatgrass will push everything through once that goes in.

Add the wheatgrass a little at a time, I want to be nice to my juicer strain so it lasts.

Add the lemon. I do this last as it never gets stuck and it means I definitely am not missing out on any of the precious wheatgrass!!

Sweet, tasty, anti-inflammatory and packed full of crazy amounts of nutrients!!

grassy green and packed with good stuff!

grassy green and packed with good stuff!

Will keep you updated on my various juicing adventures. Will be having only juices on Saturday!!

xxx Aissa