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So I forgot my detox was meant to be starting and ate some organic dark chocolate with ginger (soooo good!). I am not too concerned though it was good quality and my mood needed chocolate it is the balanced holistic approach. 🙂 I have used the somewhat controversial ingredient of kale. The issue with raw kale is oxalic acid, there is much debate about raw form vs cooked for good and bad. The problem is there are some camps that would say that oxalic acid can bind with iron,calcium and magnesium. It is found in veg such as kale and spinach. Personally I think you are fine as long as you are not having tons of these raw every day. But out of concern I put have a teaspoon of magnesium powder in with my kale to perhaps bind with the oxalic acid…I warn you there are a lot of research and arguments out there if you feel like looking into it on line!

Oooo lots of green

Oooo lots of green

Here is my uber green juice of the day!

  • Three stalks of curly kale
  • Half a teaspoon of magnesium powder
  • A little bunch of wheatgrass (forefinger to the knuckle of your thumb bunch)
  • Five/ six sprigs of organic coriander
  • Half a organic unwaxed lime
  • A nine 9cms approx. 3 inches of a cucumber
  • A top of your baby finger size piece of organic turmeric (again rem I have small fingers)
  • About the same size of organic fresh ginger. I insist on organic here as it can be irradiated if non-organic.
  • Optional: extra cucumber or some celery, reason being it is intensely limey, I don’t mind that but you may want it lighter.
über reeeaaally green juice

über reeeaaally green juice

This has a great range of nutrients (e.g amino acids,magnesium, b vitamins, vitamin k and C) enzymes (such as superoxide dismutase ) and fabulous anti-oxidants. Coriander/cilantro has become more recognised for it’s health benefits recently including digestive support, anti-inflammatory action and even helping remove heavy metals from the body!

I am used to including detoxifying foods and juices in my diet. If you are new to them or only do so occasionally remember to increase your water and start off with just one juice a day. If you have any underlying medical conditions I would have a chat with your natural or medical practitioner about it first.

Enjoy! XX Aissa