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It gets dark early in Ireland this time of year, about four fifteen pm today! I made a bright energising juice to counter it! A simple one…

bright juice for a dark evening


  • One large unwaxed org green apple
  • Half an organic cucumber
  • Half an unwaxed lemon- leave a slice to have with it!
  • An inch and a half in diameter bundle of wheatgrass
  • Optional:Two double shots of water kefir
  • A ReAlLLY thin slice of organic ginger and inch long
  • A nub of turmeric root about the size of the top of your baby finger*

It is refreshing antioxidant and vitamin packed zesty tasty light wonder. Wow that was a lot of adjectives in one go! Plus live bacteria with the kefir!

* that is a technical measuring term, used mainly in my kitchen

Winter wonders

it has been unseasonably mild here up until a couple of weeks ago. The first frost was this morning. It was still and cold with a wintry freezing fog. Beautiful. A chilly day last week the fog and morning dew lasted all day. Gave me a chance to snap a couple of shots! Give me another couple of months and the novelty of cold and wet may have worn off! 😉

Winter mushroom

Winter mushroom

November blossom!

November blossom!

Xs Aissa