Yoga for a sunny Sunday. I am not claiming that the Yoga will make the sun shine… more pointing out the weather…Unusually sunny November morning, made extra special by the fact it has been cold and or rainy for a couple of days. I made it fabulously warm by leaving a ring on my hob on (again) so a hint of Bikram (again) too! 🙂

I am posting two videos, the first is a warm up that gets into the spine and the second a lovely one to follow- an overall wake up including opening up the hips. I have to do a pigeon pose in my routine or I feel I have not done yoga. Is there a group for pigeon pose addicts? Can expect to find myself find myself dropping pens at work in order to fall into pigeon pose to pick them up?

Here is the follow up one!

They suited me perfectly this morning. After a Sunday lie on it is good to be nice to yourself. These routines are gentle yet I still found I had stretched myself from my baby toes to the top of my head. Later when I am more awake I might do a short faster paced routine to keep my energy up. Hope you enjoy them too! Xs Aissa