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I had my organic wheatgrass pear and ginger juice at lunchtime a couple of days ago. So that was my green juice. After my Not so smooth energy smoothie for breakfast I decided I would fast for the day. I felt good all day, I did break out and have matcha green tea to keep me going too. I kept off the solids for 24 hours. That night I was in need of a boost. Beetroot is sweet and a vascular dilator which I thought would be good before I did some gentle yin yoga. The theme was the red and orange colour spectrum.

All organic Beet That Juice

  • Two carrots
  • A slice of turmeric
  • Half a large beetroot
  • Half an orange pepper
  • A thin slice of organic ginger
  • Two stalks of celery for the good salts
  • One pak choi leaf for an a hint of green.
  • Optional: I added a shot of my homemade kombucha for an extra kick and a dose of good live bacteria and yeast.

There are times when fasting is not the best idea- listen to your body- I have a post where it did not work out for me Not a juice fast day with juice recipes. If you have underlying health problems I would advise talking to your health practitioner natural or otherwise first.

Bright veg!

Bright veg!

Before bed I had slippery elm root tea. It is a source of b vitamins, feeds good bacteria, it can help remove bad bacteria as it is a gentle fibre and is soothing for the digestive tract. Apparently George Washington’s troops survived for a week on slippery elm root gruel! Think I could do without trying that though.

Beet That Juice

Beet That Juice

Hope you try out the juice it is a real energy boost!

Xs Aissa