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I am doing a vegetable juice fast today. It is all about providing my body with easy assessable nutrients and removing processed foods. With hectic stress-y bits going on recently I have ended up making the odd unhealthy choice food wise. I want to give my digestion a rest but not go without important vitamins and minerals. By juicing with a cold press masticating juicer the nutrients are preserved. When the fibre is removed your body easily absorbs the liquid form. I am going to do veg juices today and maybe add some fruit juice in tomorrow.

If you have not fasted before maybe don’t yet! Do a day where you just eat vegetables- but like tons of vegetables! See how you feel doing that. If you have blood sugar issues or underlying medical conditions has a chat with your natural or medical practitioner first.

That all sounds wonderful- but I am also a caffeine addict! Though it goes against all that is healthy and SOOO not part of the juicin’ rules I had coffee this morning!! Organic ,direct trade coffee, and I made a fatty coffee. I put a spoon of organic coconut oil (rich in MCTs medium chain tri-gylcerides) poured my coffee on top and added some organic cinnamon. I waited an hour before doing my juice as I did not want the bold coffee mixing with the good veg juice! The only time I do not have coffee is when I am sick, it is actually one of the first signs that I am not well but ….. I will try very hard to have no coffee tomorrow…dun dun dun. If my relationship with my partner seems in danger I will use that to justify my addiction and have a coffee 😉

Organic Veggie Splendor

Organic Veggie Splender

SO here is this morning’s Super Charged Veg Juice

  • Three stalks of rainbow Chard- called Chard Bright Lights- love that
  • Two stalks of young Pak choi
  • One stalk of GIANT Celery
  • 6inch/15cm of Cucumber
  • One pretty Red Pepper
  • One Beetroot
  • Four stalks of Coriander
  • An inch/2.5cm diameter slice of organic Ginger*
  • Half inch/ 1.5cm piece of Turmeric
  • Optional: Shot of water kefir- for the good bacteria and yeasts

*organic ginger as non organic can have been irradiated!

Super Charged Veg Juice- super tasty too!

Super Charged Veg Juice- super tasty too!

No fruit but still lovely and sweet because of the beetroot and red pepper. Red peppers can have up to thirteen times the vitamin C as an orange! It delivers B vitamins, tons of vitamin C, potassium, vitamin K, nitric oxide. It from the green energising chlorophyll and the fantabulous superoxide dismutase from the nutrient packed wheatgrass. Coriander is great for the digestion and there is some evidence to say it helps your body get rid of heavy metals. That is to say vegetables are good for you!!!

Will keep you guys updated. Think this juice is one of my favourites so far, hope you try it out! Xs Aissa