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I am lucky I work in a shop that sells lovely organic veggies. There is also a few wonderful organic farmer’s markets in Dublin. I am going through a phase of being struck by the beauty of fruit, veg and flowers. We have long winters here in Ireland and maybe I am just appreciating the green and growing things of summer! Perhaps my inner hippy is fighting its way up through my cynical crust. 😉

A friend shared this great link and I have been passing it on as it’s very informative.


Yesterday I was at the farmer’s market and I was given this beautiful garlic flower! I had some of the little buds in a salad last night. Delicious garlic chive like taste. Intense and sweet.

Beautiful garlic flower

Beautiful garlic flower

On friday at work I had to buy this beetroot, because it was so alive looking! Full of antioxidants and even helps lower blood pressure. It is part of the juice recipe below.

Brilliant Beetroot

Brilliant Beetroot

Magic MIx

Magic MIx

The inspiration for this was – I have theses organic things I will juice them. A “Magic Mix Juice!”

  • One unwaxed green pear
  • One unwaxed lemon
  • One brilliant beetroot
  • One big slice of turmeric- prob the size of the top of your thumb
  • A slice of organic ginger- half the size of the turmeric*
  • Three big stalks of mint
  • Four stalks of parsley
  • Bunch of wheatgrass- 2inch in diameter
  • Optional: Two double shots of water kefir

*organic ginger as non organic can have been irradiated!!!

I put my herbs and wheatgrass into the masticating juicer first. Reason being I find leafy bits some times get stuck. The rest will push the important wheatgrass through.

For some reason this was very lemony. Think I got a intensely lemony lemon. A ristretto lemon?

Antioxidant anti-inflammorty juice!

Antioxidant anti-inflammorty digestive juice!

Love the red tone from the beetroot, love the good bacteria from the water kefir! Xs Aissa