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O what a glorious few days of sun we have had. Got up into the high twenties (low 80sF). I got home from work, dropped shopping, jumped into shorts and was out the door. Sun, sun, sun sun O how I adore the big glowing ball of radiation! I practiced my yoga outdoors again, curling my toes in the warm grass. I reached up into the solid blue sky in my shoulder stand. I was extremely warm but also the heat increased my flexibility, my happiness to be in the good weather may have helped too! A lovely hour practice- including sun salutes as I mentioned in my last post- as it seemed rude not to 😉

I listened to the radio, read and just lay there for another hour and a half, as if there was nothing else I had to do. You have to take the sun when you can get it here in Ireland. You never know when the clouds will reappear.

I am still doing my healthy juice a day. I wanted something super green! I had eaten a plum and green apple while laying in the grass. I decided that was enough fruit so made a veg based one. It is CRAZY green and REALLY NOT sweet. So much so I had a beautiful ripe strawberry with it to balance it out. Now that I’m typing I’m thinking I could have diluted it… but eh!

kale and strawberry

kale and strawberry

Kale and Stawberries etc.

  • Four leaves and stalks of flat kale (cavolo nero)
  • A bunch of wheatgrass just under one inch in diameter (approx 2cm)
  • Three small carrots (equal to one large)
  • An inch long 1mm(.05inch) thick piece of organic ginger*
  • Half that amount of turmeric root
  • A couple of mint leaves
  • Optional: a quarter teaspoon of magnesium to balance the oxalic acid in the kale
  • Two ripe strawberries- to eat with the juice
  • I recommend diluting it with some water or water kefir

*organic as sometimes non-organic can have been irradiated

I made a salad with organic leaves, sunflower sprouts and miso

Organic salad

Organic salad