I woke up feeling out of sorts. A little stiff and not really refreshed. So I had my “Not so smooth energy smoothie” for breakfast, a giant mug of organic coffee (that large crashing sound was my health guru myth collapsing ). Still feeling blah decided a get up and go wake up yoga routine is what I needed. I have followed this video before.

This routine is very well thought out. Challenging but never too much. She gives options as to how far to take poses. If something seems too much you don’t have to stop your yoga and just watch whilst feeling inferior. I did watch her do the headstand, it was a good reminder on correct positioning, as I have bad habits! I feel amazing after it, all that blood to my head really woke me up. My limbs are acting like my own again. I ready for the outside world once more 🙂 Hope you guys like it too. have an amazing day! Xs Aissa.