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I feel so on trend with my post! It is Women’s Day today, which is a day for reflecting on Women’s rights, how far some places have come and how far some places have to go. I have come back and edited this post as I did actually reflect today. I feel less light hearted about now. I have thought about women’s rights in Ireland and the recent history we are still dealing with. I have come across some uplifting stories from friends online, people praising women they love. Posts of women lead action around the world past and present, and some saddening stories and statistics. It makes me want to be more active, I hope that feeling doesn’t wain with the day.

This post is a restorative yoga one, all about being gentle and loving to your body. It seems my womb was even more in tune with Women’s Day than my mind! I have trawled the interweb many times searching for a good practice for during menstruation. Finally I found one, you just need pillows. I used cushions too. Though a gentle and almost comforting routine I still felt I was getting the most out of the poses. I am sure it would be a lovely practice for bedtime, or if you are just not in a place for a more rigorous routine. I think it would be good for guys too, though Adriene does address us viewers as women!

Xs Aissa (actually smiley face) 🙂