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My diet to today had been lacking. Lacking in particularly in greens. So my juice this afternoon had a lot to make up for. So the green goodies were pulled from the fridge with instructions to be very good for me. Nothing wrong with talking to your juice prep.

So Green! So Good Juice

So Green! So Good Juice

So Green! So Good! Juice

  • Two rainbow chard leaves and stalks
  • Half a large cucumber
  • One tart unwaxed green apple- I used a Collina apple
  • Ten leaves and stalks of parsley
  • Fifteen leaves and stalks of coriander
  • An inch size piece of turmeric root
  • A bundle of wheatgrass about an inch in diameter
  • Optional double shot size of water kefir- for the good bacteria and yeasts!

It tastes sweet, but not overly, but mainly of coriander. Quite refreshing! Feeling healthier as I sip!!! 🙂

Chlorophyl helps oxygenate the blood. Herbs are great for the digestion and packed with vitamin C. Evidence to say coriander helps get rid of heavy metals from the body. Great source of iron. B vitamins, for mood, the nervous system, tissue repair. Must not forget wheatgrass superoxide dismutase! Check it out- amazing anti-inflamatory!

It makes double the amount in the pic. I am saving the other glass for my partner. I put  in a pinch of vitamin C powder- to help keep it and stuck it in the fridge.

Hope you try it out! Xs Aissa