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Experiments in other people’s raw recipes!

So I was given the generous gift of “Rawsome vegan Baking” by a friend of mine. It is a beautiful book, everything is explained well and concisely. I am not kited out with dehydrators and vita-mixes but there is still a lot I can make or improvise around. One of the great guys I work with was leaving and I wanted to make something. This is always a risky thing to do. To make something for some one using a recipe from a new cookbook (or not cook as the case maybe)!!! It turned out lovely. I made “Avocado Mint Cream Bars with chocolate, two ways” on p.106. My only quibbles were I had to increase the ingredients to fit my tart pan. It says a 9inch square pan or 23cm is fine. I used a 7.5/8inch 20cm round pan and the measurements were definitely short. I had enough ingredients to increase the amounts but it made it a bit stressful. The avocado layer could have been thicker too. It was a little too sweet for me. I often find this though, I should have known to reduce the sweet stuff a little for my palette. Here is a picture

My Rawsome Vegan Life Avocado Mint cream bars

My Rawsome Vegan Life Avocado Mint cream bars

Here is a pic from Emily’s blog of what they should look like! Maybe it was the lack of a proper blender. Either way it tasted nice…even if it was less pretty 😦

The real deal!

The real deal!

http://www.eatgood4life.com/avocado-mint-cream-bars/ Has written up the recipe if you want to check it out. In the original you can use fresh coconut meat instead of a banana. I being blenderless went for the banana option.


I went for a more challenging routine today. I had the time, I’m off work today ‘cos it is a bank holiday here. It was good. I was very surprised at what I found hard. About 25mins in there is a pose where you squat and grab hands through one knee and attempt to stand up. The first time doing it you keep your legs in a half bend. I had to come out of the pose! Horror! Horror! My thighs could no take it! (Scotty from Star Trek voice!) But I kept going and attempted the full pose where you straighten your legs. SOOOO much easier. Therefor revealing my need to do more chair poses!

There is precise instruction on options to get into a head stand, also great description of getting into crow. Wish I’d seen the crow one back when I had been attempting it first! I did my head stand against the wall. Though I am getting more confidant and I didn’t lean against it. Glad I did as I wavered and wobbled a bit and needed something behind me! 🙂

And finally juice. Orange that is green Juice 

  • Wheatgrass- a 1inch diameter bundle
  • Three or four chard leaves
  • One unwaxed red apple
  • One unwaxed big orange
  • Three inch piece of cucumber
  • Six mint leaves
  • A half inch piece of turmeric
  • A quarter inch piece of organic ginger (i.e not irradiated!)
  • Optional: shot of water kefir


This juice was like a trick. It tasted sweet and citrusy orange but was totally green. Enjoyable for that reason alone, but it tasted lovely too!

orange is green juice

orange is green juice

Hope that you try some of these things out! Xs Aissa