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A typical Irish day, warm and sunny with a light breeze to start. It got a bit dull, still and humid, has completely clouded over and is now lashing rain. It’s irregularity is dependable. Not as dependable as my daily juice routine! Was that a segway? Did a clumsily commit segway-ness?

Veg-tastic Juice pre juicing

Veg-tastic Juice pre juicing

We have beautiful fresh organic herbs in the health shop I work in. So delighted to be able to add these nutrient packed refreshing goodies to my juice.  All the ingredients I use are organic. I know that not everyone has easy access to organic foods, but I would esp. try to get organic ginger as it can have been irradiated otherwise.

Veg-extravaganza Juice!

  • A an inch in diameter bunch of wheatgrass
  • A GIANT pak choi leaf/ two average ones
  • Five catalogna leaves
  • A three inch piece of cucumber
  • Half a purple kohl rabi
  • Four small red cabbage leaves
  • A stalk of celery
  • One medium unwaxed green apple
  • A couple of dessertspoons of peas! ( I had some defrosted organic marrowfat so threw them in!)
  • Half an unwaxed lemon
  • Five sprigs and stems of parsley
  • A sprig of mint (had about 6 leaves on it)
  • A slice of turmeric root (1/4 inch)
  • A slice of ginger ( about the same )

Packed full of nutrients, antioxidants and flavour. The lemon parsley and mint prevent the bitter green leaves from being over powering. The mint particularly lifts the flavour. You could use rocket instead of the catalogna leaves. You could have oak leaf lettuce instead of pak choi. Lime would be lovely instead lemon! Play around make your know Veg-tastic version!

Veg-tastic Juice! I shared mine :-)

Veg-extravaganza Juice! I shared mine 🙂

Xs Aissa