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I surprised myself with my juice this evening. The combination was refreshing and enjoyable. I felt like I needed a pick me up- a boost of vitamins and minerals I thought ‘I have these good organic things I will juice them!”

Organic goodies ready to go!

Organic goodies ready to go!

The mix really worked! So here is the Delectable Duo of Juices!

The Large One

  • One purple kohl rabi
  • Half a blood orange ( I munched the rest )
  • One green apple
  • Two large pak choi leaves
  • One carrot
  • A small fingertip size of ginger

The Little One

  • Two pak choi leaves
  • Half an unwaxed lemon- I always juice it with the skin
  • A bunch of wheatgrass- about an inch in diameter.


The Large One is really lovely. The orange and kohl rabi give a lovely balanced sweetness to the green of the pak choi.

I drank the Little One with it and the the intenseness of the wheatgrass complemented the Large One nicely!

A Delectable Duo of juices!

Aww all cosy in my moodily lit sitting room!

Aww all cosy in my moodily lit sitting room!

Hope you all are doing good and give this a whirl! Xs Aissa