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So i am only having juices today all made with organic ingredients, in order to kick start my extra healthy detox-ish eating plan. If you have any underlying medical issues or have not fasted before have a chat with your natural or medical practitioner first! Arose this morning – quite late, major glorious lie on! I had warm water with lemon,tiny pinch of cayenne and a teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar. Great for your kidneys!

I followed this with my Morning Glory juice!

Morning glory prep!

Morning glory prep!

  • Half an organic unwaxed lemon
  • An inch/ 2.5cms of cucumber
  • Some beetroot- I used a 1.5inc squared piece
  • Three pak choi leaves
  • Two stalks of celery
  • A small chunk of ginger (about size of the top of your baby finger)
  • A small chunk of turmeric (about size of the top of your baby finger)
  • A little bit of wheatgrass- again to flavour roughly half inch thick bunch
  • A shot of homemade (or a no added ingredients) Kombucha

This is super tasty. The chlorophyl from these green goodies helps oxygenate your blood. The beetroot is a vascular dilator. Got the usual suspects of vitamin c, b vitamins, minerals and enzymes all on fast track delivery by being juiced! I am very lucky to work a place where I can get all these organic veggies and fruit.

Morning glory

Morning glory

I was out and about for the afternoon. After I had finished my Sauerkraut post. While out I had a wheatgrass shot at the farmers market. Also got the catalogna leaves for my Amazing Afternoon juice! Bought a second hand dress for a fancy dress I’m going to!! 🙂  On the way home I had an organic beetroot and lemon juice.

Amazing Afternoon Juice!

So the ingredients may seem intense and odd in flavour, but trust me the combination works!

Amazing Afternoon Juice prep. So colourful antioxidants galore!

Amazing Afternoon Juice prep. So colourful antioxidants galore!

  • One pointed red pepper
  • Half a tomato
  • Half an unwaxed lemon
  • Half an unwaxed lime
  • Two stalks of celery
  • Three pak choi leaves
  • Half a green apple
  • A green pear
  • Two carrots
  • Four stalks of coriander
  • Ten catalogna leaves
  • A small finger nail size piece of organic ginger
  • A slice of lemon
  • A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar
  • The tiniest pinch of organic cayenne powder- tiny like a millimetre.
Amazing Afternoon Juicetasticness!

Amazing Afternoon Juicetasticness!

The fruit balances out the bitterness of those amazing catalogna leaves. Bitter green leaves help feed your good bacteria and stimulate your digestion. The coriander lifts the flavour and it adds more green. I have mentioned in previous posts coriander is recognised for it’s health benefits e.g a digestive aid and possibly helping remove heavy metals from the body.

I feel great, having healthy juices all day to make sure I do not go hungry or miss out on nutrients. I will have another juice this evening. Looking forward to a big green smoothie brekkie tomorrow. I will eat raw tomorrow and prob clear my kitchen out of brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds and avocados! 🙂

Hope you try these out! Xs Aissa