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So I was browsing through Yoga videos, thinking I may share what I end up following since it is world yoga day! ( a bit controversial in India – so I have read ). I had a bit of a blah week health and energy wise – summer bugs trying to take me down! So my yoga practice was a bit intermittent and more restorative in nature. I wanted to follow a more energising routine to-day. So “Power Yoga” it was. It really felt a bit like a gym work out at points during the first half and to be honest I don’t think my energy levels were quite up to the level I thought they were. That said I feel stretched, warm and relaxed having done it!

If you want to get your circulation going and work on your strength as well as flexibility this would be a good one to follow.

Enjoy X Aissa

cute downward dog sketch

cute downward dog sketch!