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Helloooo! A few nights ago I had a fresh batch of natural peanut butter from THE health food store. (The Hopsack in Rathmines makes it in the shop!!), and a jar of raspberry conserve. I have never been a fan of peanut butter and jam (US folks Jelly!) on bread. But I love a peanut-y biccie, I love thumbprint cookies: Sounds like a recipe!!! Exceptionally easy and fast to bake, here they are : singed

Peanut Butter and Jam Thumbprint Cookies

  • Two big dessertspoons of natural peanut butter*
  • Half a dessertspoonful of natural cashew nut butter
  • Half a dessertspoonful of organic coconut oil
  • Two dessertspoons of rapadura sugar or xylitol
  • A third of a cup made up of half raw dark agave & half maple syrup
  • A third of a teaspoon of almond extract
  • Half a tsp of vanilla powder /one pod /one tsp of extract
  • Two thirds of a cup of ground almonds
  • One cup of gluten free flour ( I used a rice tapioca buckwheat blend)
  • Three dessertspoons of organic desiccated / shredded coconut
  • A quarter tsp of salt (none if your peanut butter is already salted)
  • Half a teaspoon of aluminium & gluten free baking powder
  • Roughly ten dessertspoons of a sugar free raspberry conserve
  • Just incase have a dash of non dairy milk at hand.

*You may not have access to a fresh ground one that just contains nuts, :-(. Natural nut butters should have no added oil, emulsifiers or preservatives. If there is salt it should be sea salt.

Pre-heat your oven to 170C/ 340F. Prepare a baking tray.

Mix your wet stuff first. Mash the nut butters together properly.

Add in your sugar and mash once more.

In another bowl sieve the rest of dry ingredients together. Add the coconut afterwards.

Add the dry to the wet. You REALLY have mash mash mash! Put down the spoon and get in there with your hands and start pressing the mix into a dough. If it still seems a little crumbly, with great caution add a teaspoon of non dairy milk and mix it through throughly.



Now, by the rounded teaspoon put your dough onto your tray. You should get about twenty. They do not spread much. Gently press them to a circle. Use your thumb to make a dent in the middle. You want a little bowl shape, be careful not to go too deep.

Grab your conserve- conserve has a higher fruit content than jam/ jelly. I use a sugar free one- it has grape juice in it instead. Each cookie gets a little blob of conserve. Moderation- too much and it will run over the cookie as it bakes!

oven ready !

oven ready !

Pop into the middle of your oven. They takes 11/12 minutes. Mine are a little over done (13mins) as I was watching a documentary about Russian cosmonauts and only when I smelled singed biscuit did I run to take them out!

Peanut butter thumbprint cookies!

Slightly singed peanut butter thumbprint cookies!

Be sure to leave them to cool, the jam is like raspberry flavoured molten lava straight out of the oven!!! Despite their browned edges they were very tasty!! 🙂

Xs Aissa