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These hit the spot when no other biscuit will do. Rich, melt in your mouth goodness, with the chocolate nessasary for survival. There is only a hint of sugar and no gluten but no sacrificing flavour.

I generally take pictures of my cookies/ biscuits on plates. Because that is what I eat them off. I thought I would go all experimental; start taking pictures of my biscuits in unusual places, seems to be the trend. 😉


Choc chip yumminess in morning sunlight. Shadow looks like a cat!?

Choc chip yumminess in morning sunlight. Shadow looks like a cat!?


They have a lovely dark colour due to the raw rapadura sugar.

Chocolate Chip No Sacrifice Shortbread Cookies

  • Three dessertspoons of organic coconut oil
  • One overflowing (prob 1.5) dessertspoons of a runny tahini
  • A quarter cup of rapadura sugar
  • A quarter cup of xylitol
  • A teaspoon of vanilla powder. (If using extract put it into coconut oil)
  • A generous cup of ground almonds
  • A scant quarter of a cup of fine maize meal
  • Half a teaspoon of aluminium and gluten free baking powder
  • A pinch of Himalayian pink salt or good fine sea salt
  • About 35g of dark chocolate chopped into very small pieces*
  • Maybe: A dessertspoon of non-diary milk

*I use a vegan brand that sweetens with xylitol. It is soya and gluten free. I get the 100g bar and use about a third.

This so sooooo simple, and fast. Fast is important when you want your cookies.

Pre-heat the oven to 170C/ 325F. Prepare a baking tray. This makes sixteen cookies.

Chop your chocolate. if you are living somewhere crazy warm (most of the world south of Ireland) you can pop the chips in the fridge so they don’t melt.

So grab a bowl and put in your coconut oil and tahini. Mix them together well…mix them well together, well together mix…no wait that’s Yoda.

Add in your rapadura sugar and xylitol. Really stir and mash the sugars into the oil and tahini. It should almost get fluffy.

Get another bowl and put in the other dry ingredients (not the chocolate). I get fussy and sieve the baking powder, incase of yucky lumps.

Give the dry stuff a stir so it is evenly mixed.

Add your dry to your wet stuff. At the start you need to mash it a bit. Once it starts to combine, put the spoon down. Add your chopped chocolate chips. With clean hands get in there. Start pressing the dough together. It should all hold together. If this is not happening it might be a little dry, do not be afraid to add a dessertspoon of non-diary milk.

By a rounded teaspoon place them on your baking tray. I press it on the spoon a little. I also press them on the tray and leave an half inch/ 1cm apart. They don’t spread. If they spread there is too much oil or to little dry ingredients!

Teaspoon! Just incase there is confusion...

Teaspoon! Just incase there is confusion…

They take twelve or thirteen minutes in my fan oven. If you have a regular oven, have a peep at twelve. If they are not going golden brown at the edges give them another couple of mins. They made my whole flat smell delicious, they are like aromatherapy biscuits!

Hope you try them out. Especially the wonderful Kathy who I work with! Xs Aissa