I am still vegan- this is not a tea made of lungs. Turns out my juice is not a cure for the cold. So next step in the epic immune system battle is to clear my lungs. Just what you all want to think about this morning- Aissa’s yucky lungs. But it is a drink I have found good in the past so I thought I would share. The herbs should be available from a good health shop.

  • 1 scant teaspoon of mullein herb
  • 1 teaspoon of marshmallow herb
  • A half teaspoon of chopped organic ginger*
  • A quarter teaspoon of chopped turmeric (or same of organic dry turmeric)
  • A TINY pinch of organic cayenne pepper
  • 1 clove of organic garlic- finely chopped
  • Optional extras : half teaspoon of dried organic thyme, a slice of lemon
  • 400-ml of boiled water ( roughly three quarters of a pint )

* a note on ginger- I know it can be hard to always eat organic- but I recommend making an effort with the ginger as non-organic stuff can have been irradiated.

If you have a teapot that can take loose herb that is perfect to use, you can just put everything into that (except the garlic). I use a little stainless steel tea ball for everything- bar the garlic. If using lemon put this in at the end.

Using a teapot – pour your boiled water straight in and put a lid on the pot and leave brew for 10-15 mins. In my giant mug- I put a saucer on top and let it brew for the same amount of time. It should then be cool enough to drink- it is then time to add the garlic.

Sip the drink and for extra benefits eat the garlic at the end!If you don’t finish the drink – do not be tempted to drink the intensely infused left overs later- the garlic and ginger and turmeric get very intense and too spicy- I speak from experience – make fresh if you want to have a second cup.

I am not a doctor but I can certainly say what these foods have been used for and have worked for me in the past. Since they work they may have counter-indications so if you are on medication do double check you are good to go with the ingredients.

The mullein should not be used if you are a smoker- it helps clear and open the lungs- not advisable to the put smoke into them after that!! But perfect if you have just given up as it will help clear them faster! You often find mullein in natural cough bottles.

The marshmallow will help soften and break up mucus ( Yep I said it MUCUS!)- demulcent- anti-inflammatory.

Ginger,Turmeric and cayenne are warming and good for circulation and naturally anti-inflammatory and wonderfully full of anti-oxidants

The garlic is amazing- good for circulation, it contains “allicin” and is anti-bacterial, anti- fungal and anti- viral but doesn’t kill your good bacteria. It is also the reason you put the garlic in at the end. Alot of the allicin would be lost by the heat of the boiling water. the ginger also contains allicin.

The thyme is a demulcent and anti-bacterial. It tastes strong so not everyone loves it.

The lemon has vitamin C and will also balance the flavour a bit. I find the whole concoction tastes a bit like sweet diluted broth- not bad is what I’m trying to convey!!!

If you look the herbs up they do tons of other things too!

Will add a pick of the brew later! Tis later-> Pic added!

Made in jar so you can see the pretty!

Made in jar so you can see the pretty!

X Aissa