So on Tuesday after a whole day in health shop talking about pancakes, giving people wheat free pancake mixes I went home and ..

did my wheatgrass shot and yoga, put my kale and carrots on, had them with pinto beans, coconut aminos ,ume plum seasoning and some wasabi- yum yum… and FORGOT ALL ABOUT PANCAKE TUESDAY! could have stuck the kale and carrots into a crepe…I suppose?

I decided against that so I had a PANCAKE WEDNESDAY!
Much requested

First Put Two dessertspoons of organic coconut oil to melt in your pancake pan! (high heat)
1 mug of Buckwheat flour
Half a teaspoon of g/f baking powder
1 teaspoon of arrowroot
I use a half tsp of vanilla powder but you could use a tsp of vanilla extract and put in the wet ingredients
Now for the liquid ones
One quarter of a mug of apple puree (I used an organic apple and strawberry this time!)
I dessertspoon raw agave (optional) into this
Fill the rest of the mug up with unsweetened Almond milk
Pour the melted coconut oil from your pan into the mug
Add this mix to the dry and give a fast stir – until no lumps
Fill another mug with non diary milk ( I used a light coconut- made for use in tea and coffee).
Pour in half of the milk and mix again- I found I gradually ended up adding more to the mix as I did the pancakes, as the batter thickens because of the arrowroot powder.
Pour a ladle into the already hotpan, start at centre and swirl out so its nice and thin- I always end up throwing out my first pancake- like a PANCAKE MUST BE SACRIFICED SO THE OTHERS CAN BE GOOD! (cult leaders voice)
Flip ,cook other side. fill with nice things- I did some of the left over puree, coconut yoghurt, and lecithin! Very tasty
XX recipe just a little bit late but if you are not really sick of pancakes maybe next week on Pancake Wednesday???