Spring morning Yoga

So I am just after a great few of hours of yoga- and I wanted to share with you because I am high on the endorphins and still all with the “world can be okay if you spend two hours or more just thinking about stretching” 🙂

I always like to have something antioxidant rich and chlorophyll filled before I start- a shot of wheatgrass or maybe a cup of barleygrass with a dash of maca and some gogi berries or blueberries- bit of energy and protect your cells!

I did my usual routine the fresh air and sunshine coming in my window- bird a tweetin’- cats lying on the rooftop taking in the heat, felt a bit like a cat myself, discovering new flexibility! I really enjoyed two videos and I thought i would share.

The first is real yin – open hips, holding poses for a long time really relaxing into them. She is super smiley- but knows her stuff!

The second one I think is a nice one to follow that. It’s long, intense at times, but it really works on the whole body.

Hope you enjoy them too.